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The Change Audit and It’s Not Pie can help you identify, assess and address your diversity, equity and inclusion communications challenges.


The CHANGE Audit is a proprietary tool designed by The Change Agencies to provide companies and organizations with an objective evaluation of their inclusive communications efforts. The tool follows a logical step-by-step approach to Research, Analyze, Recommend and Evaluate external and internal communications efforts. This kind of objective and quantitative evaluation is increasingly important to organizations of all types given the evolving expectations of employees, customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

The CHANGE Audit mirrors the membership of The Change Agencies and is designed to measure and evaluate inclusive marketing efforts by, for and about the following markets: African-American, Asian-American Pacific Islander, Hispanic and LGBTQ. 


The CHANGE Audit is designed to ensure corporate or organizational communications to inclusive communities meet the CHANGE objectives. Communications should be: 







If corporate or organizational communication to diverse communities - both internal and external - don’t meet these objectives, then your company or organization is falling short in communications and cannot accurately claim to be successful at inclusive communications and marketing. At a time of rapid social change and increasing expectations around diversity, equity and inclusion, a failure in this area can quickly negatively impact business or organizational success with staff, partners, customers and clients. 

Click here for more information about The CHANGE Audit or to make an appointment with a member of The Change Agencies to learn more.



Increasingly, companies and organizations committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs have the additional challenge of convincing stakeholders of its importance and/or of responding to charges that a DEI program is simply political correctness or a "woke" PR effort. Much of this opposition centers on the (often unspoken) idea that rights for all means less rights for some, often for those who already have them. We know that is a false choice. 

There is "enough" for everyone. It's Not Pie that only a few may have. 

Equity does not mean less for some, but more for all.  We must acknowledge that everyone is deserving of the same things. There is enough for everyone to have equal rights and opportunities without anyone losing anything. Communicating this idea to key audiences - either internally or externally - is what The Change Agencies (TCA) program, It's Not Pie, addresses. 

It's Not Pie is an effective and customizable communications program TCA offers to companies and organizations interested in communicating why they support DEI programs to their stakeholders. It includes a set of actions clients can take to explain and support their DEI program and why they support it. It is intended to shore up internal and external support for conducting DEI programs and provide a positive counterargument to opponents of such programs. 

It’s Not Pie is your organization’s DEI toolkit that we will customize for you. Your toolkit will include but not limited to: 


  • A set of talking points to talk about DEI with employees, customers and others

  • Draft materials to use in support of the launch or continuation of a DEI program

  • Sample social media guides to launch or continue a program

  • Web copy to use in launching or continuing a program

  • Media training for client executives to prepare them for outreach and/or follow-up on their DEI program. 

Talk with one or more of the TCA member firms about your program and the challenges you’re facing or expecting. We will propose a customized communications package drawn from our toolkit and provide a timeline and budget for action. 

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